Blog Posts & Articles

How to Raise Your Child to be Tolerant and Open-Minded. A Fine Parent. (January 2019)

How to Be a Positive Parent When You’re Exhausted. A Fine Parent. (March 2017)

Book Smarts: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Foreign Language Textbooks. FluentU Blog. (June 2015)

How to Level Up Your Skills with the Best Foreign Language Audiobooks. FluentU Blog. (May 2015)

6 Reasons Learning to Speak Another Foreign Language is Easier Than the First. FluentU Blog. (March 2015)

10+ Ways to Language-Learning Success by Setting Goals. FluentU Blog. (March 2015)

Immerse Yourself: 12 Ways to “Go Native” Without Going Abroad. FluentU Blog. (February 2015)

What Toddlers Can Teach Us About Language Learning.  Critical Language Scholarship Program Newsletter/Blog.  (July 2013)

Scenes from a Radio Show: Two Hours with KOPN Host Kevin Walsh. Inside Columbia Magazine. (August 2006)

Josie Sullivan: Inspiration in Unexpected Places. Inside Columbia Magazine. (July 2006)

The Watercolor Memories of Jane Anne Gideon. Inside Columbia Magazine. (June 2006)

Sharon Kilfoyle: Creating Art that’s “Tie-Dye” For. Inside Columbia Magazine(May 2006)

Preparing the Mind: The Photographs of Oliver Schuchard. Inside Columbia Magazine. (March 2006)

Paula Kientzel: The Art of Being a Woman. Inside Columbia Magazine. (February 2006)

The Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Antique Collecting. Inside Columbia Magazine. (January 2006)

Playing Santa for Someone in Need. Inside Columbia Magazine. (December 2005)

Eat Your Way Around the World. Inside Columbia Magazine. (November 2005)

Selected Sample of Press Releases

Mid-Winter Play Day Provides Fun for Children and Adults. Let’s Play America! (February 2015)

New Nonprofit Kicks Off a Playful New Year in Takoma Park. Let’s Play America! (January 2015)

MU Receives $1 Million to Create College Advising Corps. University of Missouri News Bureau. (March 2007)

Record-Breaking Methane Storage System Derived from Corncobs May Encourage Mass-Market Natural Gas Automobiles. University of Missouri News Bureau. (February 2007)

Big Macs and Sodas, Gold Nanoparticles for Medical Use. University of Missouri News Bureau. (February 2007)


Home,” Baltimore Review, February 2013.

Other Non-Fiction:

“Following in Her Footsteps: How One Small-Town Girl Motivated Another to Explore the World,” From Boston to Bangkok Study Abroad Professionals’ Anthology.  (forthcoming)

Personal Blogs:

Tasting Russia.  (2009)


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