DSC03007Katherine (Kacy) Kostiuk is a professional writer with experience writing for magazines, news sites, blogs, and newsletters. She also has experience in copy editing, public relations, and academic writing.

She writes about a diverse range of topics for a variety of audiences but has a particular interest in:

  • Intercultural exchange
  • Education
  • Local government
  • Parenting
  • Transportation
  • Academic research summarized for a general audience

Her work has been published in a variety of publications.

Katherine has worked extensively in the field of language study and international education.  She has lived in four foreign countries and studied five foreign languages.  She has years of experience teaching English as a Second Language and administering international exchange programs.

Katherine is an elected City Councilmember and has experience in policy-making, advocacy, constituent outreach, and intergovernmental collaboration.

Katherine has a master’s degree in international studies and a bachelor’s degree in writing and communication arts. She also enjoys writing fiction.

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